Bridal Nail Art

Bridal Nail Art

Bridal nail art requires professionalism, experience, fantasy and excellent artist skills of the nail technician. The bridal nail art is made for a very special event in each woman's life, and therefore should be performed at a perfect level. Bridal nail art composition may include many fashionable features and techniques, such as traditional French manicure and a special nail design.

Nail technicians offer brides traditional and special nail designs. Certainly, they come up with a great variety of ideas to make the nail art original and attractive. The most popular nail art is a traditional French. Many years ago, this style was invented for every day life. It is suitable for everyday clothes; it is modern and very charming. It is very famous in western countries where pastel and white colors are especially suitable for the white wedding dress.

Indian bridal nail art on the other hand should definitely have a touch of red colour and Nail technicians often use threads, strips, glitters and crystals that can be fixed on the top. This makes the nails incredibly original and dazzling.

A Nail technician is to make sure that there is the right combination of colors and other accessories of the wedding image, such as jewellery, dress decorations, flowers, etc

Fantasy and creativity are the two things which are must for a Nail technician to do the right nail art to a right person.

Special design of the wedding nail art can be applied both on natural or artificial nails(Acrylic or Gel).

Thus, there are a lot of variants and ideas that can be useful for a bridal nail art. Everything depends on your taste, fantasy and also the professionalism of a technician. Before selecting the style of a bridal nail art, it is important to choose other accessories for the wedding dress.. Only afterwards can you ask a nail technician and select the bridal nail art, which must be compatible with the overall appearance and image.

Nail Extensions has to be done to create the better performance of the bridal nail art.     Apply red nail polish on the extended nails covering whole of the nail.

On top of the nail polish fix the golden thread creating your own design. Make sure the thread doesn’t lift from the nail surface.     Fix Crystal Swarovski on the nail surface.

For long lasting bridal nail art apply Super Gloss UV Top Coat on the surface of the nail making sure that it covers the whole nail design.     Place the nails in the UV Lamp for one and a half minutes.

Bridal Nail Art set.
Pic final : Bridal Nail Art set.

Bridal Nail Art Design created, compiled and done by Mr. Rahul Verma, Educator RANARA NAILS Institute of Nail Art.

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