Products used

1. Ultra Violet Lamp
2. Aqua Clear Gel
3. Super Gloss UV Top Coat Classic
4. Emery Files-Grit 100/180(straight and Banana)
5. Block 3-Way 100/180
6. Eurocleaner
7. Manicure Stick
8. Gel Brush #4
9. Foil
10. Metallic Beads
11. Acrylic Colours --White and Black
12. Striper Brush Long

Pic 1 After completion of Tip application and blending of Tips , Nails are buffed with Banana File 100/180 to give a matt look.

Nail Extension done

Pic 2 Clean the surface with Eurocleaner and apply a thin layer of AQUA CLEAR GEL with application of FOIL as in the pic.

Application of Foil

Pic 3 Apply METALLIC BEADS one by one with the help of MANICURE STICK.

Metallic Beads

Pic 4 Thick layer of AQUA CLEAR GEL is applied on the nails with the perfect C-Curve to give the natural look.

Gel Application

Pic 5 Gel is cured under the RAANRA UV LAMP for 2 minutes and then cleaned with the EUROCLEANER.

Curing UV Lamp

Pic 6 All extended nails are buffed for perfect shape and smoothness and then application of STRIPER brush is done with Black ACRYLIC COLOUR.

Striper Brush Application Black Acrylic Colour

Pic 7 STRIPER BRUSH application is once again shown in the pic with White ACRYLIC COLOUR.

Striper Brush Application White Acrylic Colour

Pic 8 For high gloss finish and shine--- SUPER GLOSS UV TOP COAT is applied.

Super Gloss UV Top Coat

Pic 9 After curing under the RAANRA UV LAMP ---- the FINAL LOOK is complete.

Final Look -- Nail Design

Nail Art Design created, compiled and done by Mr. Rahul Verma, Educator RANARA NAILS  Institute of Nail Art.

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